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The Indian Virological Society is organizing an International Conference VIROCON 2020 on the theme "Evolution of Viruses and Viral Diseases" from February 18-20, 2020 at New Delhi. The conference will provide a platform for deliberation on the changing scenario of the viruses causing diseases in animals, fishes, insects, plants and microbes. The major attractions of the conference will be plenary lectures by eminent speakers across the globe; special sessions on public-health; academia-industry interactions aimed at entrepreneurship development; exhibitions to demonstrate latest technological development for virus research; and pre- and post-conference workshops on virus diagnostics, biotechnological applications for viral disease management, cryotherapy and vaccine development. It is a great pleasure to invite all the persons, organisations and industry interested on evolution of viruses and viral diseases and finding ways to master the epidemics of viral diseases.


  • Prof. Anupam Varma
    President, IVS

Conference Highlights

Technical Sessions

  • Plenary and Key-note lectures by eminent speakers
  • Impact of climate change on viral epidemics
  • Diagnosis and management of viral epidemics
  • Emerging and re-emergin of viruses and viral diseases
  • Virus host interactions

Special Session on

  • Public Health
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Industry-Academia Interaction

Post Conference Workshops

  • Gene Editing and Phage Discovery Workshop
  • Viral Diagnostics Workshop

Vaccine development
Diagnostic kits
Tissue culture for virus-free plants
Virus-free seed production

Exhibition on Technical Innovations.

About Delhi

New Delhi, the national capital of India is famous for its culture, tradition and effervescent history. Delhi is the third largest city in India and now the most preferred city in terms of investments, industrialization, Information Technology, Healthcare, Real Estate, etc.

Apart from being the national capital of India and important economic hub of India, Delhi is the most preferred tourist destination of North India. Delhi's rich tradition, effervescent history, monuments, museums, galleries, parks and Mughal Architecture are some of the special attractions that beckon tourists from all over the world.

Venue: Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi